Citizen, Crime In Stereo, Code Orange, Fury Of V, Sheer Terror, Merauder to play Oneonta Punk Fest - Alternative Press

yo check it. huge things going on in Oneonta, tickets go on sale today at noon! click the link for the lineup!

Check it. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, gonna be a great time with a lot of awesome bands. Spread the word.

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I remember the way you laughed
but I try not to think about that.
I remember the night you called and said
you you were tired of being sad
well so was I
Most nights just look like smeared charcoal
all in shades of grey and black.

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Lone by Chelsea Wolfe

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Made a pizza then threw Mac and Cheese and bread crumbs on top

Unoriginal//not even unique//be yourself//style theft


There’s no good in your eyes anymore
And it makes you want to drive home, drunk and alone
Curse the faces in the wheat
Drown yourself in the gold because you can’t let it go
Makes you almost miss the smell of smoke in your clothes
And it makes you want to wear the wool
It’s that need like nothing else

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